write a letter (responding to a complaint)

Good Day,I have a home work about writing a letter responding to a complaint. see all the requirement in the attached files my home work is only part 2Part 2You represent the Customer Service Department of Jarir Store in Al-Khobar and received a letter of complaint from a customer who purchased a product from your store and that the product was faulty and does not work up to the customer’s expectations. Write a response to the complainant and address her concerns and decide what the company will do to help resolve the problem because we do not want unhappy customers.This assignment should be done in pairs (2 students) so that one student becomes a customer (this student will write the complaint letter) and the other becomes the company’s Customer Service representative and will write the second letter to address the concerns of the customer after you receive the complaint letter from the other student (Complainant).Please follow the formate of the attached example. named (2.pdf)Respond to the complaint attached named (the complaint to respond to)


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