Week 8 Learning Lab

Question:Discuss with a supervisor, co-worker or someone you know about the importance of communication within your organization. Ask them to provide an example of beneficial and unhelpful communication. Report your findings.Comment:I talked to an old supervisor about the importance of communication within the organization or a company. He said it is very important to communicate and communicate clearly within the organization. Without communication things would not get done, there would be no order, and there would be a lot of misinformation. Some examples of beneficial communication he provided was emails, memos, phone calls, meetings whether virtual or in person, and training manuals. Some examples of unhelpful communication are bad body language, raising your voice to get a point across, not asking questions when needing to clear some misunderstandings, and not making eye contact.Respond to the question and comment. Both the question and comment must be 150 word initial post.Label the question and comment seperately.


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