Week 4

Assignment – Week 4 (Reliability and Validity)Points: 50Q1 (40 points): Open the attached article titled, “Similarity Mindset Matters on Social Media”Please scroll down to the section “Measurement” on p. 6.In this study, the researchers used measurements, “Physical Appearance Self-Evaluation,” “Financial Status Self-Evaluation,” “Interpersonal Liking,” and “Life Satisfaction.”Identify Cronbach’s α for each measurement and describe whether it is a reliable measure based on the rule of thumbs we discussed.Q2 (10 points):Two members of a research team are designing a survey of people’s fitness activities, but end up arguing over the formulation of one of the questions to be included. Researcher A feels that the item “Do you participate regularly in an exercise program?” is a good way to measure subjects’ level of physical activity. Researcher B disagrees and points out that walking, running, or swimming on your own are also forms of physical activity, though typically they do not require enrollment in a structured program. Is researcher B worried about validity or reliability? Specify which type of validity or reliability the researcher B is worried about.


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