Week 2: Knowledge Check Reflection: Patchwriting and Academic Integrity

InstructionsFirst, familiarize yourself with Doane Unviersity’s Student Rights and ResponsibilitiesPolicy on Academic Integrity (Links to an external site.).http://catalog.doane.edu/content.php?catoid=2&navoid=149This policy can also be found in our course syllabus. Inspired by activities found on page 492 of your textbook, you must define plagiarism in your own terms, making your definition as clear and explicit as possible. Then compare your definition with Doane University’s Policy on Academic Integrity above. You should answer the following questions in this comparative reflection:How are plagiarism and patchwriting similar? How are they different? Support your answer with ideas from Chapter 21.When was the first time you learned about academic integrity and has your understanding or definition of plagiarism changed?Why do you think this concept is so important in academic writing? How do you imagine it being important into your future writing endeavors and/or career?GuidelinesReflection must meet a minimum of 500 words in lengthOriginal Title at the top of your reflection  “Walker WK1 Reflection” is not original. Try and think outside of the box and pull something unique and individual from our weekly assigned readingsAssignment will be Assessed using Knowledge Check Rubric


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