Using management theory to support your recommendations

The FFCRC, as an R&D organization, helps energy businesses design solutions to technical & management problems.  This semester, we will advise the FFCRC on the best way to approach the business development challenges of the REIDS-SPORE Demonstration Project.FOCUS: create an analysis of management strategies that might be needed to promote the adoption of one of four energy products created by the REIDS SPORE ProjectDETAILS:Mobility products =hydrogen fueled electric vehicle (Links to an external site.)+ hydrogen recharging stationInformation on what hydrogen is and how it is made can be foundHERE (Links to an external site.).Concentrate on building a business case for how it can be used commercially across a range of businesses within one business sectorHow to think about approaching this task – these are ‘critical thinking’ prompts – not an assignment structure:  Your task in this assignment is simply to imagine how this one product might be used and how it could be marketed to various end users both inSingapore (Links to an external site.)and within theASEAN (Links to an external site.)region (e.g., questions of scalability).  Consider macro, meso and micro implications as you make the case for the use of this product.  Rather thangoing broad and general, pick one business sector on which to focus (e.g., banking / finance, automobile production, real estate, e-commerce, etc.)Requirements for the assignment:Re-state the management challenge as a research question – you must have one overall question you are trying to answerUndertake a literature review of management literature on energy/sustainability challenges within the business sector you chose.  This review will help you to better understand the nature of the management challenge, how theory can inform a solution and what (if anything) has been tried before to solve this kind of problem (e.g. Has this kind of challenge occurred before? Maybe in another industry? How has it been solved?)Identify and select appropriate scholarly tools, models and theories that will help you to understand the implications the use of this product will have on hard and soft systems within companies in your chosen business sector (e.g., leadership, CSR, ethics, HR, etc.)What kind of leadership and subsequent cultures need to be formed when making the change to use this product? Why and How?Are there ethical aspects we have to consider with internal and external stakeholders?  Why and How?What overall alignment is required between HRM, leadership/culture, and ethics to make sure they all say the same thing when communicating with and motivating employees to support the use of this product?The substance of your report is to justify why this product should be adopted by your chosen business sector – remember to use management theory and logic – make sure to support your case with evidence.


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