TV Analysis

Television Analysis Paper -This Interpersonal Communication Paper is designed to enhance your awareness of interpersonal communication behaviors by analyzing those you see or read about in sitcom television shows, reality television shows, etc. Your goal is to examine various concepts that have been discussed in this course. Each should be a well thought out analysis.  I will not accept ANY work that is not formatted correctly or does not meet the entire criteria for each question. If you do not use a .doc or .docx format then cut and paste into the document.Here is the link to the show that I could locate for no cost.  It has commercials though. Copy and Paste (Links to an external site.)TV Analysis # 2  Rosanne      You choose ANY 4 of the 6 questions below to answer1 )Does this television show appeal to the viewer’s reason or emotions?  How does it make you feel? Explain your answer with at least 1 specific example.2) Choose 2 of the following questions below and use specific examples from the show to illustrate your point.   A)  What presumptions of race and/or class are in the television show?B) Are the characters doing things or finding themselves in situations that are stereotypical to their race/class?C)   Are the characters doing things or put in situations that are presumed not typical to their race/class?3)   To what extent is the television show realistic?  Such as do the characters have real emotions — and a full range of emotions? Do the characters look and act like real people or like models/pin-ups? Do the characters ever do “real” things like go to the bathroom or get dirty? State 3 specific examples from the show to illustrate your point.4.) How is gender constructed in the show?   —are the male & female characters doing stereotypically gendered things? Are they doing atypical gendered things? Is there any character that breaks with the traditional gender styles? Use specific examples from the show to illustrate your point.5 )  Chapter 12 discusses climate.  Using 2 examples from the show explain how the climate of the Connor household could be improved?6)  State 2 examples from the episode where self-disclosure improved the relationship between 2 characters . State 2 examples where self- disclosure strained the relationship between 2 characters.  Name what was said and if it helped or hurt.


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