The Great Gatspy Paper

Paper 1 turns out to be five paragraphs in length, with the three bodyparagraphs written with 20 sentences each.  That means that the  bodyparagraphs will be 20 sentences long, or a total of 60 sentences.  Theopening and closing paragraphs will be about five or so sentences inlength.6. Paper 1 Preparation6.1. Module 6.1: Getting Started–the Openng of Paper 16.2. Module 6.2: Evaluation Criteria6.3. Module 6.3: Outlining6.4. Module 6.4: Checklist6.5. Module 6.5: Sample Paper6.6. Module 6.6: Sample Paper6.7. Module 6.7: Sample Thesis Statements for P16.8. Module 6.8: How Will Your Professor Evaluate Your Paper?6.9. Module 6.9: Two Sample Papers 16.10. Module 6.10: Using Description and Example6.11. The Writing Process6.12. Three Assignments for Paper 16.13. Methods of Development6.14. Getting Started–the Body of Paper 16.15. Getting Started–the Closing of Paper 1


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