SALES PITCH MINI SPEECHTIME LIMIT: 1-2 MinutesOBJECTIVES:·      To practice using Monroe’s Motivated sequence.·      To practice using positive and negative motivational appeals.INSTRUCTIONS:Choose a fictitious product or service to sell to the class (e.g., lighted tennis shoes, electric ear muffs, battery-powered nose warmers, robot-cleaning services, colored peanut butter, or an outdoor adventure center activity).  Make sure this is not for an actual product which is, or has ever been, available.Topic approval: Not required for this speech, as long as it meets the criteria described here.  As for speech topics, each speech must be on a completely different topic from the previous speeches.  For example, for your Current Event speech, you may choose an article about basketball.  For the Leisure Speech, you cannot then choose basketball as part of your speech, or how basketball works for your Informative speech, and so on.Topics which cannot be chosen:KindleEat an appleSunscreenHand lotionOil face cleanserDating websiteBuy an electric carIf one of these topics is chosen, you will only earn 50% of your original score.Prepare a short 1-2 minute sales pitch speech that includes all 5 steps of Monroe’s motivated sequence: Attention, Need, Solution, Visualization, Call to Action. (Read about the motivated sequence in Chapter 16 on pages 321-322 in your text.) Use strong positive and negative motivational appeals based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (read the Persuasive Supplemental handout in Learning Activities in Session 11).REQUIREMENTS & EVALUATIONA CRITERIA:·      Be sure each part of the motivated sequence is covered and that you use motivational appeals based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.·      You will NOT need to complete a preparation outline for this speech, but DO prepare and submit a speaking outline with key words to jog your memory while delivering your speech. Attach this with your video in Connect. If you complete the worksheet on the next page, you can use this as your speaking outline and submit it with your video.  Attach your Speaking Outline to the assignment in Connect. After you submit the video, there is a place to attach documents. Browse your computer to find your Speaking Outline. In order for your speech to count as “on time” you must submit your Speaking Outline at the time you submit your video and by the due date on the calendar. Label the outline properly both within the document and as the title of the document, along with your first and last names.  So, the title of your outline (save your documents with this title) will be “Sales Pitch Speaking Outline – YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME)·      Practice your speech several times so you know it well and know it fits the time requirements.·      Your classmates will serve as your audience for this speech. (no need to gather one)·      You should be standing up while delivering this speech and your camera shot should be from your waist up. Make sure we can hear you well, that there is adequate lighting to see you, and that your environment is free of distractions while you record your speech.·      Have FUN with this assignment. Feel free to make things up and be silly. The point of the exercise if for you to become familiar with Monroe’s Motivated Sequence and motivational appeals before you deliver your formal Persuasive speech.·      This assignment is worth up to 25 points.CHECKLIST OF ITEMS DUE:___ Typed Preparation Outline & Bibliography submitted through Connect___ Audience Analysis Questionnaire with Tally & typed paragraph describing what you did toadapt to the audience submitted through Connect___ Speaking outline submitted through Connect (for note cards, just send pictures/scanneddocuments of them)SALES PITCH MINI SPEECH WORKSHEETNAME:TOPIC:SPECIFIC PURPOSE: To persuade my audience to __________________________.INTRODUCTION:ATTENTION STEP (get listener’s attention):Motivator (Relate to audience. How will your product/service benefit them?)Credibility:Preview:BODY:I.   NEED STEP or Problem (Establish a clear need for the product, but do not mention the product.)A.1.2.B.1.2.Transition:II.     SATISFACTION STEP or Solution (Identify how your plan will satisfy their needs.)A.1.2.B.1.2.Transition:III.    VISUALIZATION STEP or Benefits and Consequences of NOT purchasing (Give the audience a sense of what will happen if they do or do NOT buy your product.)A.     BENEFITS: Positive Motivational Appeals – Remind audience how wonderful it will be if they buy.1.2.B. CONSEQUENCES: Negative Motivational Appeals – Remind audience how awful it will be for them if they do NOT buy.1.2.CONCLUSION:Signal ending with a signpostSummarize the main pointsCALL TO ACTION STEP – Give the audience clear steps on how and where to buy this product.CHECKLIST OF ITEMS DUE:___    No items need to be submitted through ConnectSales Pitch Mini-Speech – Grading RubricEach line is 0-2 points (unless noted), 25 points total possible.INTRODUCTION___ ATTENTION STEP: Captured attention & related to audience’s needsBODY: ORGANIZATION & DEVELOPMENT___ NEED STEP: Clearly explained problem and related it to audience’s needs___ SATISFACTION STEP: Clearly explained solution and satisfaction of needs___ VISUALIZATION STEP: Presented strong benefits and/or consequences___ Clearly used motivated sequence organization___ Used smooth transitionsCONCLUSION___ ACTION STEP: Boldly called audience to take a specific actionDELIVERY___ Strong eye contact & extemporaneous delivery___ Sounded conversational __ Sounded passionate and persuasive___ Projected voice so all could hear __ Spoke too soft __ Spoke too loud___ Used audience-inclusive language __ Avoided slang or profanityOVERALL REQUIREMENTS___ Fulfilled 1-2 minute time requirement (0-1 point)___ Speaking outline submitted through Connect


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