Rhetorical Analysis of Webtext

Hello Dear,This is an analyzing essay about a web text. I closed the website WWW.CMAA.org. It is going to be 4-6 pages long. It is an argumentative essay. The attachment file has all the explanation needed. I already hand my first draft which was just about 200 words. This is what I wrote.“Every major has its own unique way of communication between its stockholders that are involved with its specific discourse community. Nowadays, construction management is a great major to be majoring in with all the construction that are going on in the entire world, but it is such a fighting game between starving lions that are looking to win something to feed their stomachs ate the end of that fight. This particular major is all about opportunities of winning your dream project as a construction manager. CMAA.org is your best reference to get connected with all the projects’ managers, and take it from there for a bright future. The website basically focuses only on the constructions industry, and the audience for it are people who want to be professionals, people who are professionals, and people who are interested in the profession. The website is great, my construction management class professor told me that this website is her little secret that she uses everyday to prepare for classes and look for opportunities. After going throw the website, I think that it is very important and useful for us as people who are working on being professional in this industry, but I definitely think that the website design and setups need to be improved, otherwise I think that managers and people who are interested in the industry are no more going to consider it as their best target to get what they need from”Let me know what you think ?


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