Response to reading AND student post (300 WORDS ONLY)

First, choose one of your classmate’s post and answer the following questions: (150 words)Based on the key features of Rogerian Argument described by your classmate, how might Rogerian argument lead to more “productive” public argument as we’ve described it? To answer this question, you might also answer need to answer the following question…Based on what we learned about “reactance” or the “backfire effect”, how might Rogerian argument bypass this response?(I uploaded screenshots for 3 of the classmates responses, please choose ONE of them to respond to!)Second, read the Reddit: Change My View Example (Link: and answer the following questions:Based on the work your classmate has done, identify the Rogerian elements in this argument.How do those Rogerian elements help make this a persuasive  digital/public argument that actually has the ability to change minds? (150 words)Reddit Link: In an effort to find an example of Rogerian digital/public arguments  at work “in the wild”, I came across this post to a Reddit subreddit  called r/changemyview. To give this argument some context this “sub” is a  message board in which the “original poster” (or “OP”) posts his or her  view on an issue, and responders, as the name of the sub suggests, try  to change that view. If the responder succeeds in changing the OP’s mind  (and changing the mind of others with a similar view) that responder is  given a “delta”, represented as a triangle.So, for our purposes, you’ll just need to read the OP’s original view (that “all children should be allowed to bring nuts to school”) and the top response  that begins “I’d like to try to CYV as a person with a fatal nut/peanut  allergy” and ends with “…it is only fair that the environment be one  that accommodates them.”Unfortunately, our anonymous responder has deleted his or her  account, so we cannot refer to him or her by screen name, but the post  clocks in at an impressive 12 “deltas” meaning that it really changed  some minds on this sub, (which also explains why it is the top post).


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