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Reading assignment:Jamaica Kincaid, “Girl” (Abcarian 105-106)Writing assignment:Reading response # 1 on “Girl””For Analysis” Questions (Abcarian 106)What does the title of this piece suggest?Who is the speaker? To whom is she speaking?What kind of “girl” is the advice intended to produce?What is the speaker’s biggest fear?Are the girl’s two responses spoken aloud to the speaker, or are they only the girl’s thoughts?What do the girl’s two responses suggest about her relationship to the speaker?Reading assignment:Amy Tan, “Two Kinds”(Abcarian 370-379)Writing assignmentReading response # 2 on “Two Kinds”For Analysis Questions (Abcarian 379)Do you think the conflict between the mother and daughter is unique to this family? To Asian American families? To any group of families? Why or why not?What does the mother want for her daughter? What does the daughter want for herself?What is the significance of the story’s last paragraph?Reading assignment:Helena María Viramontes, “The Moths” (Abcarian 1084-88)Writing assignmentReading response # 3 on “The Moths””For Analysis” Questions (Abcarian 1088)Why do you think the observation that the narrator does not kiss people is repeated?Why is it important that the old person with whom the narrator connects is a woman and not a man?In what ways is the grandmother’s death important to the narrator? Why, when the narrator holds her body at the end of the story, does she say that she rocks “us”?Please make sure you upload a screenshot of the page of this assignment.


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