Reading Response To a Science Article. 2-3 pages. Attached is prompt.

Hello. I need u to do well on this reading response for me. the last guy got me a 0/10 on reading response won because he did not check the grading rubric that was attached. plz dont do the same mistake.Also. the last step in the prompt says to cite the readings from weeks 8-11 which are also attached below.The first 3 attached Readings are week 8 ( Gender, Race, Sex, Sexuality & Disability)The next 2 are week 9 ( Constructing Differences)The next 3 are week 10 ( Resiting Medical Fixes)and the Last one is week 11 (Resisting Medical Fixes)Grading RubricGrading rubric:012(A)Did not provide any reasons from textsIdentified only one reason from textsIdentified at least two reasons from texts(B)Did not provide evidenceProvided sufficient evidence for only one reasonProvided sufficient evidence from texts for all reasons given(C)Did not answerAnswered without citing textsFully answered with sufficient citations(D)Did not cite any relevant textsCited only one relevant textCited at least 2 appropriate textsGrammar, spelling, organizationMany grammar and spelling errors, poorly organizedSome errors, essay flows logicallyNo errors, essay flows logically


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