read case and write paper

Read the case and write a 3 page paper answering the following questions:Explain who all the stakeholders are in this case.What are the goals for each stakeholder?What are the barriers to achieving their goal for each stakeholder?How would YOU solve the problem of violence against women in this environment?Here are the stakeholders should be included:1. Esther Chavez Cano2. Local Juarez government – mayor3. Chihuagua state government – attorney general, asst. attorney general4. Mexican federal government5. Business owners – Coparmex6. Active family groups – NHRC7. Mexican government agencies – The Chihuahua Institute of Women8. El Paso agencies working w/Casa Amiga9. Other El Paso agencies10. US federal government – Representative Hilda Solis11. International organizations – Amnesty International, UNIFEM12. Media13. Victims of domestic violence & potential victims14. Murder victims’ familiesThe case is attached.


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