Please watch these 3 videos and answer the below questions in 5 paragraphs produced Medea as a response to the uproar of a mistreated foreign woman in 431 BC.  This was just as Athens, at the height of its oppressive empire began its fatal war with Sparta (Aristophanes’ Lysistrata is one of few surviving comedies that also deals with the role of women in the wake of the Peloponnesian War–it’s worth a read!).Describe the picture that Medea paints of Greek women’s lives. What problems does she identify? What does Medea recommend for women who seek to secure or negotiate a good life? What happens to Medea when she gets her terrible revenge? Does this play inspire “pity [for unmerited suffering] and fear [for the suffering of someone like ourselves]” as Aristotle says tragedy should do? Or does it simply horrify us?What elements of the play do you believe resonate with a modern audience? What did you find relatable? Do you believe her portrait continues to hold true today? Why or why not?As always, please use specific quotes from the text and ALSO FIND and USE a secondary source (from a scholarly journal, book, website, etc.) to support your claims.


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