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You are to paraphrase the text below the instructions. Follow these instructions:1. Work in a Word document – do not type out the paraphrase on Moodle, in case there are network issues.2. For the paraphrase (also see rubric):follow Paraphrase Tips posted earlierthe word count should be between 195 and 230 wordswrite the article’s contents in your own words, following the same order of ideas as the original – you are allowed to merge or break up individual sentences, but not move ideas beyond that3. Once ready, copy and paste your paraphrase into the assignment text box here – no file to upload.Ask questions before submitting. No late or emailed submissions will be accepted.The text you need to paraphrase:An early morning break-in this Tuesday at the Peace River Veterinary Clinic saw thieves steal valuable medical equipment and medications that could be harmful to humans. RCMP say the break-in happened at the Peace River Veterinary Clinic early Thursday morning, some of the medications stolen could be deadly.”The medications stolen were for use in animals. And so, you know, they’re considered extremely dangerous for human use, to use by humans, when not prescribed by a physician. We urge the criminal, who is unidentified, to immediately turn himself in,” RCMP spokesperson Jannet Browski noted.The list of medications taken from the clinic includes 15 different names or so.Dr. Hannah Pope, the clinic’s veterinarian, issued a warning about the toxicity of some of the medications. “Whoever took our stuff, you better watch out! Some of these medications would most certainly be lethal if a human ingested one or two drops. I must say that that’s enough to kill a person,” Pope warned in an interview to the CBC.In addition to the medications, a digital X-Ray machine computer, an ultrasound machine, dental equipment and a horse inhaler. Were all stolen during the Tuesday morning break-in.“By the way, shame on you! You ain’t got no clue what you done,” Pat Jonnson, clinic director, posted on Twitter, addressing the thieves directly.Peace River is located a five-hour drive North-West of New York .


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