Old Testament in the Bible

The structure of this assignment is flexible. You may write a paper, construct an outline, create a slide show, or involve any other medium that can effectively communicate the content.Read the following:Exodus 20:1-18Psalm 95Daniel 3Hosea 14Take the four OT texts listed above and do the following for each:Part 1: With help from our Longman textbook, identify the genre of the passage.Part 2: With further help from Longman and the lecture, identify how the genre impacts the way we should interpret the text.Part 3: Provide a robust interpretation of the passage, answering the following:What is the passage saying?Who is it addressing?What is the main point?Summarize the passage in one sentence.Part 4: Provide an application for the passage. What should a person do as a result of this text?Submit your four-part assignment as a single file to the appropriate submission area.Assignment Requirements: A paper should be 3-4 pages, double spaced; a PowerPoint Presentation should be 8-10 slides (with either written presentation notes or a voiceover of you presenting your presentation); an outline should be 2-3 pages, single spaced; other mediums should be equivalent length.Your assignment must adhere to APA standard guidelines.


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