SUBDURAL HEMATOMATicket to Enter1. Discuss the pathophysiology of this disease process/condition. Include signs, symptoms, and risk factors.2. Name and describe a possible test, lab, or diagnostic study that may be ordered for a patient with this condition.3.  Identify 2 nursing diagnoses:  1 physical and 1 psychosocial. Provide 1 correlating nursing intervention for each. Briefly explain the rationale for these diagnoses.4.   Research pharmacological interventions that may be used in the treatment or prevention of the condition/disease process.  Identify at least two different medications and describe how each medication works.5.  Identify one question the patient and/or family may have about the condition/disease process and how you, the nurse, could address it.6. Identify 3 inter professional members of the health care team who may be involved with a patient with this condition either in the acute or community setting. GET EXCELLENT HELP AT (


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