Nursing: reflection

Reflect upon the survey you took. In your initial response, address some of the following questions. Explain your answers.Did you find it easy to make confident and decisive decisions with several strongly agree or strongly disagree answers, or did you select mostly moderate responses?Did any subject areas trigger personal emotions or issues?  If so, do you feel you were able to remain objective?Were any of the decisions especially difficult to make?Did you employ any critical thinking or resolution strategies to determine a response?Did you rely on policy or legal parameters to make your decisions?Would you be comfortable making your answers to the survey public, or do you prefer anonymity?Have you dealt with similar situations and could you perceive similar situations occurring in your clinical practice?How might a moral inventory such as this survey impact your clinical practice?1-2 pagesPlease share additional thoughts as well.Discussion Prompt #2Identify examples of active and latent errors. Provide examples from your clinical experience, if possible. How can such errors be avoided to support better patient care?1 page GET EXCELLENT HELP AT (


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