Nursing: power point

Choose a contemporary school of nursing, a hospital, nursing home, or other facilities in the healthcare arena and research the nursing theory used there.Describe the changing role of the nurse today and how they are influenced by the organizational nursing theory.Present your findings in a PowerPoint Presentation.cover the following in power pointHow the nursing theory enhances professional nursing practice in the roles of advocate, provider, teacher, manager, researcher, and leader.How using nursing theory and theory from other disciplines as a basis for the nursing process helps promote health and healingHow we can use nursing theory to challenge professional and organizational assumptions, explore alternatives, and guide nursing actions.Identify and define the nursing Metaparadigms.Analyze the philosophical baes of the concepts as they relate to specific theorists.Differentiate the concepts as they relate to selected nursing theories.Construct a personal nursing philosophy by integrating the metaparadigms and your individual values.include the seven (7) topics as shown in thePowerPoint Presentation Rubric (MP2)20 slides maxPLEASE LOOK AT THE ATTACHMENT GET EXCELLENT HELP AT (


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