Nursing: phase 4 nursing reseacrh

Phase 4 is all about results, this part of the paper will be based on the hypothetical analysis. Meaning since we will not be implementing the process, the results described will be based on whatever the students would like the research results to be. You will need to provide results for all the statistical tools mentioned and provide descriptive data (demographics of the population, different descriptive data points, etc.). Make sure to also include research limitations to improve for future studies. No more than 6 pages including cover page and references.Please note I am more concerned with quality of your writing as opposed to the quantity of your composition.PLEASE SEE ATTACHED PHASE 1,2,AND 3 AND ALSO ALL THE ERRORS I GOT IN PHASE 2 AND PHASE 3 , IF YOU HAVE A QUESTIONS LET ME KNOW. GET EXCELLENT HELP AT (


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