Nursing: NURSING 9 card

The Instructor will assign ten      (10) drug cards per week, in specific areas. Each card will be worth 1      point. You will not receive the points for the cards if they are not submitted      within the week when due.· Cards must be handwritten, legible, and on ruled index cards.· All information required on the card must be completed or you will not receive the point for the card.· The following information must be on the Drug Card for Each Drug:Generic and Trade /Brand Names      ( American Ony )Classifications:TherapeuticPharmacologicalIndications/UsesContraindicationsAdverse reactions by all            systemsSafe dosage range3 nursing implicationsActionPremarinEstradiolRifampinProveraoxadrinIndomethacinFosamaxcalcitoninHalotestinDacronine GET EXCELLENT HELP AT (


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