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reply 1Hi Maria,I am used to using APA format version 6 and I agree with you on “The running head appears at the header of every page where the page number should also be included.” However, I learned that on APA version 7 the title on the running head no longer exist, and instead only the page number is included on the header of every page.reply2One thing I learned in reviewing the APA 7thedition, was that 12-point Times New Roman was not the only font acceptable for an APA formatted paper.  The APA review also helped to serve as a “refresher” for me on the different formatting styles of specific headings and subheadings.  Here are two examples from my rough draft, including one paraphrased citation and one in-text citation:Paraphrased Example:Along with defining three of the four metaparadigm concepts, including human, health and nursing, Watson also coined many other concepts and terms that are vital to truly understanding her theory and science of human caring (Watson, 2012).  Specifically, Watson’s 10 carative or caritas processes are caring needs that she defined as pertinent to human experiences that should be addressed by the nurses while in the caring role of his or her clients (Watson, 2012).In-text Example:The metaparadigm concept of human is defined as “A unique, valued, and precious person…to be cared for, respected, nurtured, understood, and assisted” (Watson, 2012, p. 19).I have also attached the “start” of my references page for my comparison paper–it is not yet complete but lists a good amount of references in APA format!  Feel free to provide feedback! GET EXCELLENT HELP AT (


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