Nursing: IPT week 2

Chapter 12: Support for students with special needsRead Pages 135-143(1 pt. each)1) What is the ADA? What was the purpose of the amendment in 2008?2) What does the term disability mean (to you?)3) What is an Accommodation?4) What are the academic support services available to you at FNU?5) What is the process to request Accommodation for a disability as a student?6) What is the difference between a physical disability and a learning disability?7) If an SPTA presents with a disability, what employment/ clinical education issues can arise?a. What is the stance of the ADA on these issues?REVIEW TABLE 12-4; TECHNICAL STANDARDSAre you able to do all of these? (think carefully, no written answer required)Chapter 13: WHEN ENGLISH IS A SECOND LANGUAGE! JRead Pages 147-153(1 pt. each)1) Reading – what technique helps you the most when reading through text?2) Listening- are you a good listener? Do you understand what is going on in class? What technique do you think will help you the most with your comprehension during lectures?3)Writing-REVIEWTable 13-3, 13-4 & Table 13-5a. Proofreading is so important with any written correspondence or academic/ professional assignment.i. What are 3 resources you can use to help you at FNU or online? (apart from proofreading yourself- which should always be first!)TEST TAKING; Class discussion – Review Table 13-6Chapter 14: Re-entry and Career Transition StudentsRead Pages 155-160(1 pt. each)1) What group are you?2) What do you think is your biggest struggle with adjusting to college life?Provide a plan of action of how to use each of the following strategies to manage the re-entry process; (10 pts)StrategyPlan of ActionProfessional   counselingFinancial   aidRe-entry   program servicesSolicit   the Support of the FacultyCollaborate   with your classmatesInvolve   your family and significant othersUpgrade   Technology skillsBe   an active listenerUse   all your best survival strategiesDon’t   take yourself too seriously GET EXCELLENT HELP AT (


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