Nursing: English composition

Per the guidelines of the assignment, choose your topic like an event in your life that stands out as a learning experience. Then, write a working thesis statement in a complete sentence.a) The topic I chose is _______________________________________________________b) My working thesis is ________________________________________________________c) Describe the main point or moral of your narrative:[Write response here.]d) List 3 sub-points that will use to clearly illustrate your moral:1.2.3.Step 2:Answer the following questions using complete sentences.a) Why did you choose this topic?[Write response here.]b) How do you connect to the topic you chose?[Write response here.]c) What do you want to learn about the topic you chose?[Write response here.]d) What do you hope your audience takes away from your paper?[Write response here.]Step 3:Complete a prewrite exercise. Identify the type of prewrite exercise you chose to complete for step 3. Select one of the following:· Freewriting· Mapping/Clustering· Brainstorming/Listing· QuestioningPrewrite Exercise type:[Write response here.]Now, using this identified exercise, complete the prewrite for your selected topic in the space below.[Write response here.] GET EXCELLENT HELP AT (


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