Nursing: Dream work, Intuition

Week 10: Question for Discussion(Week # 10: July 6 to July 12) –  For this week, you have to review a 25 minutes video about the importance of sleep (to watch the video click on “Importance of Sleep” below). You can watch the video as many times you want. Recommendation: take notes while listening to the video. Then, you will have to answer a random question (fill in the blank type of question) (Click on the top Week# 10: Question for Discussion for the test. Press “Begin” to start the test. You will have 10 minutes to answer the question) (It will be available from Sunday, March 8 to Sunday, March 15).Chapter 19 – Dream work.Chapter 20 – Intuition.Question(s):Please review the following learning video:”Importance of Sleep”. Please, answer the fill in the blank question(s).Guidelines: Carefully listen and review the learning video. There will be random question(s) after you review the video. GET EXCELLENT HELP AT (


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