Nursing: Dq

ThoughtsElimination complexities such as bladder and bowel incontinence, urine retention and constipation can be associated with the various disease that affect gastrointestinal and genito urinary system and spinal injuries. Some  factors such as advanced age, weak muscular tone, altered level of hydration and presence of physical disorders like anatomical structural disorders can impact urinary and fecal elimination and place patients at risk  for impaired elimination process. The lives of the patient and family members can be adversely affected when the patient is suffering from a certain disease. The social, emotional, physical and finances of the patient and the family members can be affected due to elimination abnormalities. Both the patient and family can be depressed  because they can no longer run their normal daily activities as they usually do. Also the relationship between the patient and family can be affected due to frustration, anger, guilt and tension. The nurse should show empathy and listen to the patients problems,  advice, show  solutions and coping mechanisms. The nurse should help patient and family by teaching and encouraging on how to manage the situation. Teaching should be done on what they are currently facing and what to expect in future. The nurse should encourage effective communication between the patient and  family members and advice them on joining patients group who are undergoing similar problems(Registered nursing, 2020). GET EXCELLENT HELP AT (


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