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Critique Nursing Business ArticleCode_BQ00220070020203DMCC~~~~~~~~~The topic in briefCritique Nursing Business ArticleType of Service: ArticleUrgency: 6 to 10  hoursNo. of Pages/Wordcount :4 page(s)/1100 WordsCitation Style: APA StyleDetailed Description/ExplanationPaper must be APA format 7th edition.Critique a business-related article with application to financial management of nursing systems. Critique of business article must address budget and/or budget planning.The article must be from peer-reviewed journals which may include business and/or healthcare journals. The critique will evaluate the concept presented as well as its application to nursing administration/ financial management. The critique is to be between three and five pages in length and use APA 7th edition formatting. Note: This assignment is to critique the article, i.e. provide input into the quality and value of the information. This assignment is not a summary of the article.Article Critique RubricEvaluation of concept presented 20 Evaluation Of Presented Concept To Financial Management Of Nursing 20 SystemUse Of APA 7th edition Formatting, Grammar, Spelling, Sentence Construction, Syntax 10Total 50Please include link for article~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The article must be within five years~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GET EXCELLENT HELP AT (


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