Nursing: COPD

Choose an illness/disease we covered in class from the following systems; NeurologicalRespiratory, Sensory Perception, Skin, Cardiac GU or GI. You will be completing a head to toeassessment on the patient along with a focused assessment related to the specific system affectedby the illness/disease process.Identify the following (worth 75 points)Introduction: begin with the patient scenario (case study) that includes the patient’s pastmedical history, and the subjective and objective data that correlates with the disease (use yourtextbook as a refresher on what to include in an Physical and nutritional assessment).Summarize the pathophysiology of the disorder and relate the clinical manifestations of eachback to the pathophysiology.Evaluate the GI disease including patient history, clinical manifestations, and diagnostic testresults.Identify the treatment, discuss the patient’s anticipated nutrition needs, and identify alternativeforms of feeding or dietary changes.Patient teaching to include the disease, the treatment plan, and how evaluation of theeffectiveness of the teaching.Review nursing diagnoses common to patients with your groups chosen GI disease, determinethe priority of the problems, and discuss interventions appropriate for each diagnosis.Create three questions (with answer available after students respond) for the class to respond toat the end of your presentation specific to the disorder.The content will need to be presented in some form (ppt. work, etc.) AND you will need toperform the patient scenario. Choose which team members will role play, the patient, nurse, MD,UAP, etc.Must include a title slide, an introduction to the topic, and group member names. Reference pagewith a minimum of 3 references in APA format.Remainder 25 points will be divided for: Spelling and grammar, presentation length, look ofpresentation including creative ways to engage peer is essential. Required three sources atminimum and will need to be in APA format.See Rubric for point breakdown.RubricNM171 Group Presentation RubricNM171 Group Presentation RubricCriteria Ratings PtsThis criterion islinked to a LearningOutcomeLength5.0 ptsLevel 5Presentationmeets therequiredpresentationlength of 30minutes withappropriatecontent.4.5 ptsLevel 4Presentationis somewhatlacking inrequiredlength butcontains allappropriatecontent.4.0 ptsLevel 3Presentationis greatlylacking inrequiredlength withsome missingappropriatecontent.3.5 ptsLevel 2Presentationissignificantlylacking inlength and ismissingmuchappropriatecontent.3.0 ptsLevel 1Presentationis very briefand ismissing mostappropriatecontent.0.0 ptsLevel 0Presentationdoes not meetanyrequirements.5.0 ptsThis criterion islinked to a LearningOutcomeContentNM171-CO1;NM171-CO375.0 ptsLevel 5All requiredareas of theassignmentare addressedin good detailandpresentationcontent and iscompletelyaccurate.68.0 ptsLevel 4One (1)required areaof theassignmentis notaddressed inthepresentationcontent.60.0 ptsLevel 3Two (2)requiredareas of theassignmentare notaddressed inthepresentationcontent.53.0 ptsLevel 2Three (3)requiredareas of theassignmentare notaddressed inthepresentationcontent.45.0 ptsLevel 1More thanthree (3)requiredareas of theassignmentare notaddressed inthepresentationcontent.0.0 ptsLevel 0Presentationdoes not meetanyrequirements.75.0 ptsThis criterion islinked to a LearningOutcomeSequence5.0 ptsLevel 5Allinformationis organizedin a clearand logicalway.4.5 ptsLevel 4Mostinformationis organizedin a clearand logicalway.4.0 ptsLevel 3Someinformationis not clearlyor logicallypresented.3.5 ptsLevel 2Information isnot logicallysequenced.An occasionalslide or itemseems out ofplace.3.0 ptsLevel 1Presentationseemsscattered andnot logicallysequenced.0.0 ptsLevel 0Presentationdoes not meetanyrequirements.5.0 ptsThis criterion islinked to a LearningOutcomeBackgroundText and Creativity 5.0 ptsLevel 5Backgroundand textformats(color, size,and type)have beencarefullyplanned toenhancereadabilityand is verycreative inpresentation.4.5 ptsLevel 4Backgroundand textformats(color, size,and type)have beenplanned tomatch thecontent. Oneor two areasare difficultto read orlack anycreativity.4.0 ptsLevel 3Backgroundand textformats(color, size,and type)have beenplanned tosomewhatmatch thecontent. Twoor three areasare difficultto read orlack anycreativity.3.5 ptsLevel 2Backgroundand textformats(color, size,and type)have notbeen plannedto fullymatch thecontent. Twoor three areasare difficultto read orlack anycreativity.3.0 ptsLevel 1Backgroundand textformats(color, size,and type) donot matchthe content.Most areasare difficultto read andlack anycreativity.0.0 ptsLevel 0Presentationdoes not meetanyrequirements.5.0 ptsThis criterion islinked to a LearningOutcomeSpellingand Grammar5.0 ptsLevel 5Presentationhas nospelling orgrammaticalerrors.4.5 ptsLevel 4Presentationhas 2-3spelling orgrammaticalerrors.4.0 ptsLevel 3Presentationhas 3-4spellingerrors and nogrammaticalerrors.3.5 ptsLevel 2Presentationhas 4-5spelling orgrammaticalerrors.3.0 ptsLevel 1Presentationhas morethan 5spelling andgrammaticalerrors.0.0 ptsLevel 0Presentationdoes not meetanyrequirements.5.0 ptsThis criterion islinked to a LearningOutcomeReferencesand APA FormattingPRICE-I5.0 ptsLevel 5Referencesare includedandpresented inerror freeAPAformatting.4.5 ptsLevel 4Referencesare includedandpresentedwith 1-2errors inAPAformatting.4.0 ptsLevel 3Referencesare includedandpresentedwith 3-4errors inAPAformatting.3.5 ptsLevel 2Minimal orsomewhatinappropriatereferences areincluded andpresented with3-4 errors inAPAformatting.3.0 ptsLevel 1Inappropriateor inaccuratereferences areincluded andnot presentedwith APAformatting. 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