Niccolo Machiavelli ” The Morals of a Prince” Answer questions #1 and #3

ENGLISH 1301  Read story from The Norton Reader, I will provide the story in pdf format.  Answer questions #1 and #3 based on guidelines included.READING AND RESPONSE GUIDELINESWhen a reading is assigned and discussions/questions are to be answered, thefollowing information will assist the student in both reading and responding to thereading and it’s questionsREADING-Read the assigned piece twice. The first reading should be simply for enjoyment.Assume this is not an assigned reading, but one you have been meaning to read…Thesecond time around is when annotation (note-taking, highlighting, writing in the margins,etc…should occur.)-Reading the questions beforehand will take away the enjoyment of the piece.This may expedite finding the answers to the assigned questions, but theseanswers may lack personal insight-which is most important in discussions.RESPONDING-Create a two-part response at the minimum. First, share PERSONALTHOUGHTS about the question(s) asked. Second, add TEXTUAL EVIDENCEto support these thoughts. (These may be direct quotes, references to sections,page numbers, etc…) Keep in mind that when using direct quotes, “quotation marks”need to be used with the line and/or page number after each quote.Example 1: On page 262, the author states, “She was an unruly girl that didn’t knowany better.”Example 2: “She was an unruly girl that didn’t know any better.” (p.262)Example 3: When quoting poetry, line and page number are both used. “The roadfollowed was an uneasy one, as the gulls passed beyond.” (p.262, lines 27-28)FORMAT FOR THE RESPONSEOnce these two aspects are complete, put them together in a strong, cohesive “essaystyled” response, keeping the assigned questions separate and numbered. Do not simplysubmit a paper with “personal thoughts” in one section and “textual evidence” in another.They should be interwoven within the response as one. There is no word limit to theseresponses. They are graded on quality, not quantity.*Keep in mind that there rarely are right or wrong answers in theseresponses. What is most important are the personal thoughts and what thereader thinks about the piece.*


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