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Topic 6 — Writing Reflection Essay¬∑Using MLA formatting (12 point font, double spacing, indented paragraph, heading information etc) write a two page reflection (and no more) about where you feel you are at in your writing process overall. In a total of two pages (without using any secondary source material) answer the following questions about your writing to get you started:1) Where do you feel your level of writing was at when you started our English Composition Course and where do you think you are at now?2) How do you think your writing has improved over the course of the semester and why and/or what do you think you still need to improve upon in your writing? (Think along the lines of some of the writing process components we went over — paragraph construction, paragraph cohesion etc.)3) What specific assignments/materials/projects helped to challenge you in your writing process and strengthen your writing capabilities?4) Are there some specific materials that you think should have been covered (or materials covered more) that were not covered that may have helped strengthen your writing more?5) Given the online nature of our class this semester, do you feel there were adequate zoom conferences? If you thought there were enough, explain your answer. If you thought we needed more, explain your answer.


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