Kelly Cherry 1940 ALZHEIMER’S He stands at the door, a crazy old man Back from the hospital, his mind rattling Like the suitcase, swinging from his hand, That contains shaving cream, a piggy bank, a book he sometimes pretends to read, His clothes. On th

Kelly Cherry 1940ALZHEIMER’SHe stands at the door, a crazy old manBack from the hospital, his mind rattlingLike the suitcase, swinging from his hand,That contains shaving cream, a piggy bank,a book he sometimes pretends to read,His clothes. On the brick wall beside himroses and Columbine slug it out for space, claw the mortar.The sun is shining, as it does late in the afternoonin England, after rain.Sun hardens the house, reifies it,strive to add and grow work like a smithyas sparks fly off, burning in the bushesthe rosebusheswhile the white wood trim the fines solidity in space.This is his house. He remembers it as his,remembers the walkway he built between the front roomin the garage, the Rhododendron he chanted and back,the car used to drive. He remembers himself,a younger man, and in a tweed hat, a man who lovedmusic. There’s no time for that now. No time to music,the peculiar screeching of strings, the luxuriousfiddling with emotion.Other things have become more urgent.Other matters are now of greater import, have more consequences must be attended to.The first thing you must do, now that he is home, is decide whothis woman is, this old, white hair womanstanding here in the doorway, welcoming him in.I need help with this poem is a long poem but the professor say, we need an element poem.How does the poet use the element effectively in the poem? Following the steps of the writing process, compose a five-paragraph essay of analysis that focuses on a single element of a Kelly Cherry Alzheimer’s.Support your assertion through relevant, sufficient details presented a focus, organized body paragraph. Explain how and why the detail support your assertion in your thesis.You may choose any poem from our textbook. However, avoid poems with extensive editor explanation to aid you in offering your own analysis. Review class notes for elaboration on this assignment.Initial each item below as completed.The last sentence of introduction is a precise, clear thesis statement.Body paragraph are focused, organized, and begin with topic sentences, employing transition as needed.All quotations are trimmed down to only the relevant, necessary words and meet the formatting requirements for all quotations.You clearly, logically explain how the chosen detail support your assertion in the thesis, while offering sufficient evidence from the poem to do so.Your essay is between 500 and 800 words and satisfies minimum sentence requirements. (The Works cited page is not part of the word count.) Write the word count:Your essay includes a works cited page with the entry formatted as instructed.Your essay meets the format requirements of all essays in this class, including, but not limited to, products, margins, spacing, title, and heading.Your essay demonstrates the careful thought and attention you’ve given the assignment and is the result of following the steps of the writing process: pre-writing, drafting, revising, and editing/proofreading.You’ve carefully reviewed previous graded work to address any areas that needed attention.Your essay is an entirely original composition, based on your own thoughts, ideas, and analysis.


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