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Read Chapters 2 and 16 in your textbook and Week 2’s SCOOPBEFORE answering the questions below.Also, watch the “You Can Do This” videos before answering.”Thesis Statement, Draft & Revision” Please respond in detail to the following questions:1. After reviewing the example thesis statement provided in the “Sample Student Essay – Thesis Statement,” discuss the two parts of a thesis statementand explain each part’s function or use. Write at least four (4) sentences here.2. According to your textbook, discuss at least two (2) reasons to write a first draft before submitting a paper. Provide detailed responses.3. Based on your textbook, explain in detail why a writer should revise her/his paper at least four (4) times before turning it in.Be sure to run SPELL CHECK before you post your responses.Also, always capitalize “I” when you use it alone.YOU CAN DO THIS VIDEO LINK:


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