After reading short stories, answer 1 or multiple questions. Word count 350.Did you enjoy the readings this week?Which story did you like the most? Why?Did you have trouble reading Hawthorne’s story? Was it worth the effort?What connections did you see with the stories this week and those you read for Learning Module 1?Why do you think the epiphany is so important in Carver and Baldwin?Do you relate on a personal level to any of the stories that we’ve read this week?Do you think that there’s any hope for Sonny in Baldwin’s story?If you could see into their future, what do you think will happen to the characters in “Sonny’s Blues” or “Cathedral?”Are there other interpretations of “Young Goodman Brown?”Have you ever read any of these stories before? What changed for you in this reading?Have you ever witnessed the self-destruction of a friend or family member because of drugs or another vice? How did you feel? Did you try to help or did you step back from the situation?Have you ever had a stereotype or preconceived notion challenged? Explain the situation.Have you ever become disillusioned because you suddenly recognized the flaws in another? Explain. How did this experience change you?


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