Individualism vs. Collectivism in Your Life Pre-Writing Activity

Pre-Writing ActivityAnswer the following questions (all three parts) in either a document or the text box below:Part 1-In Always Running, you read about Luis J. Rodriguez trying to bring about social change.  Often, he tried to bring about this change with the help of others.  Have you had an experience in your life when you (or, alternatively, seen an examplepersonallyof someone else) achieved a goal with the help of others?  Who were they and what did they help with?Part 2-At the end of the day, though, it was Luis J. Rodriguez who ultimately brought about change in his own life and left his past life in gangs behind.  Have you done something by yourself (or, alternatively, seen an examplepersonallyof someone else) that was successful which you were proud of?  What was it and how did you (or the other person you saw) do it?Part 3-Overall, do you feel like you have seen major goals/achievements accomplished alone or with the help of others in your life?


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