Hospice Discussion

For this discussion I want you to Google at least 2 Hospice care facilities and compare the services. What is the same?  What is different? Provide at least one good paragraph and be sure to check your work for spelling and grammatical errors.Respond to 2 other student’s posts.  Your responses should be at least a paragraph and not just “I agree”.  Points will be deducted for limited work.————–1- the first student responseSt. Joseph Hospice helps patients feel right at home, no matter what stage of illness they are in. They provide every patient with a team of healthcare professionals who work together with the patient to meet their needs for care. They bring comfort and supportive care to patients wherever they call home. Senior living communities, assisted living, nursing care facilities and their own hospice care homes.Clarity Hospice of Baton Rouge also have their own nursing homes and also provide services at patient homes. They provide support and care for patients in their last phases of incurable illness. They also provide freestanding hospice centers, hospitals and other long term care facilities.2- the second student responseridgeway Hospice can bring care to almost anywhere the client is. They will provide care to those in assisted or independent living, at home, in inpatient care, and nursing homes. Bridgeway Hospice also provides palliative care to cope with the symptoms of stress and illness. They also have a volunteer program to help the client with errands, picking up groceries, etc. along with a grief support program to assist the client’s family and friends in coping with their loss. Lastly, they have a memory bear program in which the volunteers will create bears using the deceased patient’s clothing to preserve memories.St. Joseph Hospice provides care in all the same places as Bridgeway. They also have their own hospice care homes. They emphasize their strong team of healthcare providers. St. Joseph Hospice doesn’t seem to have as many programs as Bridgeway to assist the families of the client. This may make Bridgeway the better option.


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