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The relationship between the GA-791 leadership and its members can be greatly influenced by what motivates individuals to work. The style of leadership, job design, resources on the job, and environment can all have a significant effect on the satisfaction of cadets and their performance. Performance is also influenced by individual motivations (e.g., social, recognition, financial reward, personal growth and development, and/or intrinsic satisfaction) and can equally impact the Unit. There are many theories that attempt to explain the nature of motivation. Write a three- to four-page paper (excluding the title and reference pages) APA style evaluating the relationship between motivation, Cadet satisfaction, and  performance. Be sure to address the following:Describe a performance issue which resulted from a motivational problem (what, why, who).Use a content theory of motivation or a process theory to explain how the issue creates a performance problem for GA-791.Use the theory of motivation you selected to describe an intervention/action to change the motivation/behavior and correct the performance problem that you see in the Unit.Your paper must use a minimum of 4 pages and three scholarly sources. Your paper must be formatted according to APA style.”


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