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Required:Watch (2:39 min):The Truth About AlgorithmsTIP: Pay attention to how Cathy O’Neil describes algorithms like a recipe.Read and Watch (23min):Are We Automating Racism: Algorithms Don’t Fail Everyone EquallyTIP: Pay attention to how machine learning algorithms process information and the unintended consequences that can happen.Choose oneof the following to read:Read:Biased algorithms learn from biased data: 3 Kinds of biases found in AI datasetsRead:Garbage In, Garbage Out: Face Recognition on Flawed DataRead:Machine BiasRead:Google has a Striking History of Bias Against Black GirlsReflection Prompts:1. After watching the videos, consider how algorithms work and explain how societal stereotypes and biases might beperpetuated by algorithms. Provide at least one example of this. Several are mentioned in the second video, but you are welcome to use Google or another search engine to find an example. (150-word minimum excluding citation)2. Answer the following about the reading that you selected:a. Title and authorb. Main idea (3-5 sentences)c. What did you learn from this reading that you did not already know? (Note: if you did not learn anything new, go back and select a different reading). (200-word minimum)


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