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Below is the assignment. It must be free of plagiarism, with Reference APA format.I uploaded the Chapter from text book. (Please see attached)The course isĀ Global Business ManagementGlobalizationThis assignment consists of three parts.From Chapter 1 in the textbook, read the case on Flat Screen TV’s. Prepare a response to the following questions:Which parties experience advantages from the globalization of the flat-panel industry?Which parties experience disadvantages from the globalization of the flat-panel industry?What would happen, if the U.S. required that all flat-panel displays sold in the U.S. would also have to be manufactured in the U.S.?What does this case tell us about the future of production in an increasingly global economy?Research another industry that has experienced globalization or may be a good candidate for globalization in the future and share your example with the class and explain why you selected the industry.Choose two countries (other than the U.S.) within the same region of the world. Assess the political risks, economic risks, and legal risks of each country. If you had to invest a large sum of money into one of these two countries, which one would it be? Why?


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