Ethical Theory and Business

For this week’s assignment, you will be working on an individual rather than group project. The format will be the same, but you will simply write up the answers and submit them by yourself as opposed to after discussion with a group.Here is the assignment:A. Read over pages 38-44 of Desjardins, Chapter 2.B. Write up answers of approximately one to two sentences to each of the following questions.What is the principled-ethics objection to utilitarian approaches to determining right and wrong?What would the difference be between a utilitarian analysis of the morality of child labor and a principled-ethics analysis of the morality of child labor?What is the “categorical imperative”? What does it say about the importance of the intentions behind your actions?What does the categorical have to say about treating others as a means to your ends? What does it mean to treat someone as a means? Is this good or bad?What is autonomy?What is a personal right? What do rights have to do with morality?


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