Essay 2: Research Paper

Essay 2: Research PaperFor your second essay, you will be responsible for researching and writing an argumentative essay. Your paper should be three and a half to four pages, and you should use MLA formatting. Your paper will use three outside sources, and these will be documented in your paper via in-text citations and on your Works Cited page. I will provide you with the sources for the paper. Your responsibility will to incorporate them into your paper in the appropriate way. This essay will be worth 100 points.Writing goals:· Write a 3.5 – 4 page research paper that incorporates outside sources.· Use three outside sources to support your argument/thoughts.· Paraphrase, summarize, and quote accurately from outside sources (you should not use more than 1-2 quotes per page).· Document sources in-text with parenthetical citations or signal phrases and a Works Cited page.· Use MLA formatting correctly.· Maintain a more formal, academic tone, and avoid the personal “I.”Due Dates:1. October 10th, in class: assignment handed out, topic discussion, initial article investigation. You will discuss outlines in EAPP 0900– they will be due on Amy’s D2L page by October 18th.2. October 24th in class: Draft #1 for workshopping. Print a printed copy of your paper to share with another classmate. Your paper must include a Works Cited page.3. October 27th by midnight: you must submit a copy of your Draft #2 to D2L (this draft should be updated with the edits made on the 17th).4. October 29th: we will not have class; we will have individual writing conferences/writing day in our classroom. You will need to sign up for a writing conference time. That day, you are welcome to use the classroom as a quiet writing space.5. November 1st at midnight: DRAFT #3 (FINAL DRAFT) DUE VIA D2L AT MIDNIGHT.*** Please note: you should save all drafts and workshop papers. These will be due at the time of your final paper submission, and you will lose points if you do not have them.Potential Topic Choices:1. Should a college education be free in the United States of America?a. Aaron Bady, “Public Universities Should be Free” in Patterns.b. Matt Bruenig, “The Case Against Free College” in Patterns.c. Keith Ellison, “The Argument for Tuition-Free College” on The American Prospect website.


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