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ProcedureNow, edit your Footprint by making CHANGES to your lifestyle. List the changes you have made to your lifestyle below, run the simulation again and record the impact it had on your ecological footprint.Changes Made:1)2)3)4)5)Results(feel free to erase this diagram, take a screenshot or pic & insert your results diagram here)Table 2: Impact on Your Ecological FootprintHow many planets (Earth) are needed to   provide enough resources to support people if everyone lived like you? Draw   the EarthsDraw your ecological footprint   breakdown: (Color coordinate your graph)How many global hectares would take to   support your lifestyle? Draw the diagram below.Were any significant results seen from   the changes you made to your lifestyle?Conclusion1. Why do you think eating animal based products affects your footprint? Explain.2. Why do you think eating processed, packaged and not locally grown food affects your footprint? Explain.3. Regardless of it being a status symbol, sense of permanency, etc., owning a home has always been a goal that mostpeople strive to achieve. With the rise of environmentally friendly behaviors, do you think this is changing? Explain.


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