English Essay -II

Please find attached question. and file1.) Essay planning is due tomorrow (in 24 hours)2.) Due Aptil 22Examine how one particular incident, one particular character, or one specific relationship between two characters in “Greasy Lake” proves or disproves what is stated in Orenstein’s article.You may assume that the audience of your paper is a group of people familiar with these selections, so don’t summarize the plot. Devote your paper instead to in-depth analysis of the story and the article.The structure of your paper should follow standard, rhetorical formula, with an introduction that includes the clear, specific, debatable thesis of your paper, the body that supports your thesis (and contains embedded quotations from the story for support), and a conclusion that ties together your ideas.Specific criteria of this paper:Include a clear, cogent thesis and well-developed body paragraphs that support that thesisEmbed quotations from both the story and the article to prove your interpretation of the story and of the historical document validType your essay in MLA format with a Works Cited pagePaper should be about three pages in length.On your Works Cited page, there must at least two entries:Short story citationArticle citation(s)


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