ENG discussion 1

Discussion Forum 1 InstructionsThis course utilizes the Post-First feature in all Discussion Board Forums. This means you will only be able to read and interact with your classmates’ threads after you have submitted your thread in response to the provided prompt. For additional information on Post-First, clickherefor a tutorial.AssignmentIn Module/Week 1, you will complete a discussion board that includes 2 parts. Part 1 includes a 75-100 word self-introduction and a 250-300 word rhetorical analysis of Kurt Vonnegut’s letter to the Chairman of the Drake School Boardhttps://lettersofnote.com/2012/03/30/i-am-very-real/. Part 2 includes a 150-200 word reply to a classmate’s thread.  Word count does not include citations for the letter that needs to be cited according to your documentation style (APA, MLA, or Turabian).PromptPart I: Complete a self-introduction and after reviewing the information in the textbook readings and in the study folder about the Rhetorical Situation of an argument, post a thread that includes your self-introduction and rhetorical analysis of Kurt Vonnegut’s letter.A. Self-Introduction (Approximately 75-100 words)Introduce yourself to others in the course by posting a thread containing the following information:Where you live (state or country only)Family, hobbies/interests, and anything else you want to share about yourselfWhich specific degree you are pursuingYour plan after this course (For example: How many courses to graduation? Do you plan to begin a new job as a result of your degree? Do you plan to continue your education towards a higher degree?)What you would like to learn from this course?B. Rhetorical Analysis of Kurt Vonnegut’s letter to the Chairman of the Drake School Board. (250-300 words)Read Kurt Vonnegut’s letter to the Chairman of the Drake School online at:https://lettersofnote.com/2012/03/30/i-am-very-real/Write a rhetorical analysis to Vonnegut’s letter in a 250-300 word response considering the following information:Rhetorical Rhombus (purpose, audience, subject, writer/speaker)Aristotelian Appeals (ethos, pathos, logos)Cite at least three specific examples of support from the letter.Format your citations according to your documentation style (APA, MLA, or Turabian).


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