Eng Dis 3, 11, 13,14

Dis 3“My First Police Stop,” by Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib (pp. 656-659), is a descriptive piece.  Write a paragraph in which you analyze “My First Police Stop” and explain who you think is the intended audience (Hint: look at where it was first published) and what the main idea (or thesis) is that the author is trying to get across. Share one or two of the descriptions you feel were the most effective in the essay.  Why were these descriptions effective? What did they do for the piece?Dis 11Post your full essay draft to the discussion area for peer review.  To ensure you get feedback you can use, you must include two specific questions to guide your readers, so they can analyze and provide feedback on those questions.  The questions should be specific to your essay.  Focus on the skills we are practicing this week in sentence structure, or those you feel you need help with.  For example, I might ask for help with commas if I find those difficult, or for feedback on my conclusion.Be sure to answer their questions and be on the lookout for the skills we have worked on recently in this class:  Commas, illogical shifts, and subject-verb agreement.Dis 13For discussion, read the essay assigned according to your exemplification essay topic.  Then, view the  Using a Quote within a Paragraph video.  A transcript of the Using a Quote video is also available. Finally, post a paragraph that shares which essay you read according to your topic.  Share the quote you have found from within that essay, and explain how you plan to use it in your essay; will you write a paragraph response with the grain, or against the grain of the quote?  Explain how your plan will support your thesis statement.If you have found several quotes you are interested in, share a couple and get some feedback from your classmates.You may respond to classmates who read the same essay and/or respond to those who wrote about others from the list.At the end of your discussion post, include a full Works Cited entry for the essay you read (see page 343, “Essay in an Anthology or Chapter of a Book”).Dis 14Discuss the general differences between editing and revising.  Then, when you reflect upon the past 7 weeks in this class and all we have covered in academic writing, strategies, and even grammar/punctuation, share the lessons you feel will be most beneficial to help you improve upon your own writing as you edit or revise; which specific tips and lessons will you embrace as you continue to plan, write, and revise for college classes?


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