ENG 101: Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing Activity Choose one of the following sample argumentative essays from Elements of Argument: • Chapter 1 –…

ENG 101: Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing ActivityChoose one of the following sample argumentative essays fromElements of Argument:• Chapter 1 – “In Gun Control Debate, Logic Goes out the Window” – page 11• Chapter 2 – “The Gay Option” – page 50• Chapter 4 – “The Snitch in Your Pocket” – page 130• Chapter 5 – “Morning-After Pill a Boon for Women – page 160• Chapter 6 – “Are Sports Fans Happier?” – page 188• Chapter 8 – “GOP Fear of Common Core Education Standards Unfounded – page 241After choosing an essay, complete the following steps:1. Read the entire essay.2. Following the guidelines outlined on Purdue OWL, quote directly from the essay AND cite the quote using MLA format. You should have an in-text citation AND a Works Cited entry for the essay you’ve chosen.3. Then, paraphrase the same sentence you directly quoted. Paraphrasing is taking one sentence (or sometimes several) and putting it in your own words. It does not need quotation marks, but it still needs a citation because the information does not belong to you; it belongs to the original author.Here’s an example:Direct Quote: “Many organic compounds, especially those of a nitrogenous nature, carry sulfur, which appears in simple forms as decay progresses” (Buckman 127).Paraphrase: Many organic soil mixtures, especially those that contain nitrogen, produce sulfur as they decay (Buckman 127).4. Lastly, write a summary of the essay in your own words. Your summary shouldn’t have any direct quotes or paraphrases; it should cover the content of the article from start to finish. In terms of length, it should be 6-10 sentences long. Think back to the Annotated Bibliography summaries you wrote in Week 1; this summary should be similar to those.5. Please make sure your entire document is in MLA Format including an MLA heading, MLA pagination (page numbering), MLA documentation (Works Cited page and in-text citations).*****DO TONIGHT BE 11:30PM*****


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