Dunning–Kruger Effect Discussion Board

Dunning–Kruger Effect Discussion Board11 unread reply.11 reply.Did you readModule 3: Overview?This set of instructions includes links in blue font to help guide you.Read the following article about the Dunning-Kruger Effect:Dunning–Kruger Effect.pdfActionsThen, complete the following.You should address the following prompt in threeMEAL Plan paragraphs (Links to an external site.). Cite the article using appropriateMLA signal phrases (Links to an external site.),MLA in-text citations/parenthetical citations (Links to an external site.), and anMLA Works Cited page (Links to an external site.). Use examples and evidence from the article to defend your answer, and explain your answer in two paragraphs.First, summarize the article.Then, reflect on the major lessons one can learn from reading this article. Apply these lessons to your life. How could these lessons help make you a better person? A wise strategy would be to pick two ways one could become a better person from reading this article, and then discuss each in its own paragraph.Acceptable length: Your submission must be three full paragraphs that follow the MEAL Plan. FollowMLA format, (Links to an external site.)cite your source, and include a Works Cited page.Formatting Requirements: Please compose your answers in a Word document first so you will not lose your work. Too often, students compose in the discussion board thread for the first time, and too often, a snag online causes lost work. Instead, draft first in a Word document and THEN copy and paste your ideas into the thread. You should NOT attach your response.Due 10/15: Your original post of at least three paragraphs. Don’t worry as much about the word count as developing one solid paragraph.


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