DP Short Answer 2

*** Please make sure to number the section as you answer each question. Each answer must be 200 word minimum***1.Describe the three-stage sequence in which children develop ideas of friendship, noting the corresponding age range for each stage.2.Describe the four categories of peer acceptance, noting how each is related to social behavior.3. Discuss peer pressure and conformity, noting the domains in which peers exert the greatest influence as well as factors that help adolescents resist peer pressure.4. Explain why many affluent youths are at risk for poor adjustment. *****Cite examples. List reference info in APA Style and cite within the answer) (Must use at least 2 references)******5. Each day on the school bus and during recess, Jodee- a quiet, sensitive fifth-grader was pushed, pelted with gravel, and showered with insults by her classmates. Following the advice of her well-meaning parents, she tried to ignore her tormentors. What factors made Jodee susceptible to peer victimization? How can it be prevented?


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