discussion post at least 300 words.

you’ll draw together the techniques you learned about audience analysis with the methods Bergstrom and West provide for detecting misleading statistics and other mathematical data. You’ll practice these skills by applying them to the readings we did on climate change.AssignmentPost (Your post has three parts. Develop each in its own paragraph)Write a paragraph explaining what you found to be the biggest problem with the data in “The great failure of the climate models”? (Links to an external site.)Write a one-paragraph explaining what the problem is, how to identify it, and why it is significant to the members of one of the communities you are a member of. You can define this community however you like. Some examples include cultural, familial, geographic, scholarly, and political communities. Remember, one goal is to write as narrowly as possible for your community.Write a paragraph explaining what you did to tailor your message for your chosen community. I’d encourage you to use some of the techniques discussed in this week’s reading on audience analysis.Make sure each paragraph is clearly marked.DevelopmentYour post should represent 30-45 minutes of work and be at least 300 words long.


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