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Question 1 (1 point)Lumet contends the Studio system has always treated writers very wellQuestion 1 options:TrueFalseSaveQuestion 2 (1 point)Melodrama makes ________ its highest priority, and everyone is subservient  to it.Question 2 options:ConflictDramaThe storylineSymbolismSaveQuestion 3 (1 point)For Lumet, saying “print” is his biggest responsibility.Question 3 options:TrueFalseSaveQuestion 4 (1 point)Above the line costs include: Director, Actors, Property, Writer, and…Question 4 options:The gafferThe ProducerThe lightsThe cameraSaveQuestion 5 (1 point)Melodrama is a __________ that makes the implausible  plausible.Question 5 options:heightened theatricalityFantasyTalkyRigid taleSaveQuestion 6 (1 point)A “setup” isQuestion 6 options:A trick played on the actorsA dramatic deviceA three piece light kitThe preparation for the next takeSaveQuestion 7 (1 point)Once Lumet accepts a movie the most critical question for him becomesQuestion 7 options:What is the movie about?Who is the cast?What should the movie feel like?What should the movie look like?SaveQuestion 8 (1 point)When the director yells “Print,” this meansQuestion 8 options:That section of the script will be revised.A still image of that scene will be made for promotions.The take will go to the lab to be developed.The take was no good and they should go again.SaveQuestion 9 (1 point)Lumet reveals that he prefers to have as much of the production team as possible present during the First ReadingQuestion 9 options:TrueFalseSaveQuestion 10 (1 point)During the First Reading the writer is often the last to arrive.Question 10 options:TrueFalseSaveQuestion 11 (1 point)A completion bond is a document which guarantees a movie will be completed per its contractual terms.Question 11 options:TrueFalseSaveQuestion 12 (1 point)For Lumet it’s “critical that we agree on the _________ of the screenplayQuestion 12 options:IntentionStyleConflictGenreSaveQuestion 13 (1 point)Having a star cast in the film will always make it betterQuestion 13 options:TrueFalseSaveQuestion 14 (1 point)Sidney Lumet admits he only says “yes” to movies that speak to his heart and match his philosophy.Question 14 options:TrueFalse


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