D 2

First, summarize readings 3 and 4 and the documentary Stonewall uprising (1.10 hour approx) by paying special attention to the main arguments. By “summarize,” I mean that you capture the main argument. In other words, DO NOT describe the reading (This reading is about…) but tell me what the argument is (The author argues that…). Avoid using block quotes but state it in your own words.In the second part, elaborate on how gender and sexual oppression and the violence on those located outside the United States feeds into contemporary inequalities. In your post, think about how gender and sexual violence is connected to violence based on racial differences. Do you think that gender and sexual violence is another form of violence or is it different? I am interested in (1) your ability to critically evaluate the readings and the documentary and (2) the links you make between historical institutions such as colonization and slavery and the contemporary problems faced and Native and Black groups.Each post should be at least 250 words.https://youtu.be/MIbAVS-cDBs


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